Thursday, November 10, 2016

Write it Down

By Mike Allen

  Is there a Science to writing things down? According to an article in Psychological Science, the answer is a resounding yes! If you write things down, by hand, you are more likely to remember. By hand I mean with pen and paper as they did in the "olden days."  Ye olde BIC may be more effective than the computer you are reading this from. 

     When you write down something, it increases your chances of remembering. It could also be said that not writing it down is almost a guarantee that you will forget. The study suggests that writing it down with a pen or pencil increases the chances of remembering.

These are my top 5 reasons to write it down:

  • You will not double book. Has it happened to you? Did you make plans with one friend only to realize you also made plans with another friend? If you had written it down in a planner, you would not have made this simple mistake. It is so easy to do, and with a planner, so easy to avoid.
  • You don't miss important events. If you write it down in a planner, you will remember to attend those important things. Do not miss that important school function due to memory failure. Write it down in a planner and experience those precious moments.
  • It will help you to prioritize. There a million things to do in any given week. If you write your activities in a planner, you will decide what is most important. If it is already on your commitment list, you must decide if the next activity is worth replacing what is there. Only the strongest priorities will survive if you write it down in a planner.
  • Writing things down in a planner gives you the persona of professionalism, If your boss sees your organization, he may think you are taking your work very seriously. 
  • It makes a "mini-commitment." Once you put it down in writing, you have dedicated that you will complete this goal or task. It is a small commitment, but once we make small commitments towards our goals, we will make larger strides.
BONUS TIP: If you decorate the planner that you use to write it down, you are more likely to remember and follow through. This is another micro commitment. When you take the time to put stickers or ribbons on your planner, you will find that you are vested in the book and the goals it has inside.

I hope this is helpful and that you check back often for more organizational tips.

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